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Larch Pine Fir Spruce Products


Tangra-Rusia Ltd provides a high quality products manufactured mainly from Siberian Larch but also from Pine, Fir, Spruce. Our product portfolio includes decking, flooring, siding, beams, parquet, laminate, boards, OSB and many more. If there is a specific product that is not presented here please do not hesitate to contact us with your specifications.


Some of the products have natural rate of moisture (18%) but could also be kiln dried up to 12%. We deliver all types of sizes depending on the clients needs, as well as transportation to EU countries. If you would like to receive a detailed offer please send us your request here and we will get back to you right away.


Once the material is kiln-dried, this enables its machining to achieve a superior finish. It is then ensured, through the use of stringent quality control processes, that the optimal moisture level is retained until delivery to site.


No matter whether you need wood material for construction working or to build your new home Tangra-Rusia is the right partner for you. Our goal is to serve your needs no matter what you wish for or where are you located.


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