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Larch Pine Fir Spruce

We offer you to discover a world where you can live in harmony with nature. Because since ancient times people feel part of the universe and enjoy the wonderful properties of the wood it proves to be the best option for a healthy and harmonious life.


Would you like to feel comfortable in your home or office, to see your projects, ideas and dreams become real? Choose a clean environment in life, contact us and take care of your harmony with natural products and materials.


Our company knows what kind of wood material you need in order to make your ideas come to life and what it means to care for the tree with love and attention. With us your dreams will be transformed, we will breathe life into your projects and show you why wood is a material for the lovers of the aesthetic world, for those who want to live freely and in an ecologically clean environment.


Tangra-Rusia Ltd is a reliable supplier of Siberian Larch – one of the most stable wood material in the world. Our team is professionally prepared to consult you and answer all your questions and meet expectations, as well as to aid in selecting the most suitable wood type for you – Larch, Pine, Fir, Spruce.